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NBA投注app|研究显示 手机对环境最具杀伤力

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篮球投注app|Data centers and smartphones will be the most damaging information and communications technologies to the environment by 2040, according to new research from Canadian reseacher Lotfi Belkhir. 根据加拿大研究人员卢特菲·贝尔希尔的近期研究,到2040年,数据中心和智能手机将是对环境最不具破坏力的信息和通信技术(ICT)。Belkhir says, ICT will account for as much as 14% for the total global footprint by 2040. 贝尔希尔回应:“到2040年,ICT将占全球碳足迹总量的14%。


”Among all the devices, trends suggest that by 2020, the most damaging devices to the environment are smartphones. 趋势指出,到2020年,智能手机将是所有设备中对环境危害仅次于的。While smartphones consume little energy to operate, 85% of their emissions impact comes from production. 智能手机虽然运营能耗较少, 但其85%的废气都来自于生产环节。A smartphones chip and motherboard require the most amount of energy to produce as they are made up of precious metals that are mined at a high cost. 生产智能手机的芯片和主板最耗电,因为它们由稀有金属做成,铁矿这些金属必须代价高昂代价。


Smartphones also have a short life, which drives further production of new models and an extraordinary amount of waste.智能手机的寿命也很短,这推展了新机型的更进一步生产并生产了海量垃圾。With his latest research, Belkhir hopes to help students in his Total Sustainability and Management course expand their worldview.在他的近期研究中,贝尔希尔期望需要协助学生们在他的《全面可持续发展和管理》课程中拓展他们的世界观。


When they start the course, many students dont know what sustainability means. When the course ends their worldview has changed and they realize what they want to do and why they want to do it.“当他们开始放学的时候,很多学生都不告诉可持续发展意味著什么。当课程完结时,他们的世界观再次发生了变化,他们意识到自己想要做到什么,为什么想要做到。。


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